CHANTY 3D e-lace Service: Design Starter

When should you book the service?

  • You are starting out with 3D or are a small Brand/Designer
  • You want to have your favorite laces in 3D format
  • Translate your 3D lace into a physical lace or your physical lace into 3D
  • See how your garment looks and make changes before manufacturing start
  • You want to save time and cost designing in 3D, only ordering when you have the final Design
What do you get with the CHANTY 3D e-lace Services? Design Standard Design Advanced Virtual Garment  Virtual Collection
For whom are the different services intended? Small Brands/ Designers or starting out Expert 3D Designer or looking to expand your library Anyone looking to create a 3D garment of their dream design Anyone looking to create a 3D collection of their dream designs
Convert your favorite laces into 3D e-laces. Yes Yes Can be included Can be included
Save time and cost by designing in 3D. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Be conscious of resource usage and save on the water, CO2 and other ingredients needed for sample production. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create 3D visualizations of your dream designs and share or collaborate with others. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consultation and advice. Always included Always included Always included Always included

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