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Making Your Lace Dreams into Reality

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CHANTY 3D Visuals

New environments require new solutions: Presenting the worlds first e-lace collection with resource-saving & time-efficient e-dyeing. This offers unprecedented new visual possibilities.

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Curve revealed

Designers should also check out Chanty Lace for beautiful sustainable laces. The fiber content can be recycled nylon, spandex or polyester to make it sustainable. ...

By Camille Block

Lingerie Briefs

Following a trail of the virtual bread crumbs through the dark forest, I finally reached a magnificent garden of gently knitted transparent patterns, enchanting colors, and natural yarns. For me, a lingerie designer by trade, this is how discovering this incredible company felt like. ...

by Asi Efros


The natural yarns used for Chanty lace are generally derived from plant fibres, such as cotton, bamboo and soya, ensuring extremely refined lingerie that is soft to the touch with a sophisticated look. Certain models developed use irresistibly soft viscose or recycled polyamide for an extremely attractive eco-friendly side. ...

Selected by PROMOSTYL

The Lingerie Place

Located in one of Germany’s most eco-friendly regions, Chanty respects the most demanding environmental norms.
The company distinguishes itself by its innovative high-tech ...



Die CHANTY Spitzenfabrik gehört nicht nur zu den traditionsreichsten deutschen Herstellern feinster Spitze, sondern ist auch der größte. 100 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter produzieren feinste Materialien für namhafte Wäschehersteller in Deutschland und rund um den Globus. ...

By Leona Pawlik

Manufacturing Center

CHANTY Spitzenfabrik
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