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Product Description

Product picture shows sample products. Ordered/Delivered products may vary in quantity, width, length, color and pattern.

A variety of handsamples will be carefully packaged and sent on its way to you. 

- A sample/swatch package includes:
- 10 Handsamples or 20 Handsamples (ca. 30-50cm) - whatever you choose

Laces lying next to each other

A variety of hand samples will be carefully packaged and sent on its way to you

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Why samples?

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What do I get?

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How do I choose the samples?

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If I am not sure?



Please note

Please be aware that while we will do our best to provide continues meterage's it may be that the ordered quantity will be send divided in various parts.


Color Accuracy

Technical Values


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Depending on the quantity, lace fabrics will either be put onto a roll/spool and packed into cartons or, if the quantity is low, they may also be just folded and put into an envelope. The meterage per roll/spool varies depending on the width.

Packaging Lace

Packaging Fabric

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