Worldwide first 3D lace collection


what are you waiting for?

Everyone knows the feeling of time just passing by so quickly. The world does not wait, Trends come and go. Especially the fashion industry is moving extremetly fast and the development time of collections are getting shorter and shorter. This is where we come in:

CHANTY provides high quality laces made in Germany alongside the necessary know-how and expertise to achieve optimal results in all steps of the lingerie making process. Having launched countless innovation it the decades since our founding, we have now announced our newest project after a year of rigorous testing with CHANTY Partners. Potentially saving up to 3 months of time!

2 worlds being brought together

This new innovation offers the basis to fundamentally revolutionise the industry. Being the first to offer 3D Technology in lace production, this offers a multitude of new possibilities. Within 2 days a lace can not only be created with different color schemes and changed according to customer wishes, but the finished model of a design can be available shortly after. Customers can also access their lace designs from anywhere at anytime digitally, wheter in the office, at home or on the go.

This reduces not only CO2 consumption, water & resource usage, as well as electricity, but also the amount of waste significantly.

new environments require new solutions

The heart of our work at CHANTY is professional research and development for sustainable lace creation with honest respect for nature and our environment. With focus on sustainability - we offer a huge portfolio of natural, organic and recycled laces since over 20 years.

The world is in movement and so are we. Technical innovation and creative design solutions - that is what CHANTY stands for! Sophisticated technology with added value is theis the must-have for lingerie to make a difference and for textiles of the future.

If you are interested in more details and information, just drop us a line!