Compliance & Ethical Business

At the heart of CHANTY you will find our commitment to ethical behavior, which is the foundation of all the most essential components of CHANTY operations.

The spirit of CHANTY is professional R&D for sustainable lace creation with intrinsic respect for nature and environment. Clearly focusing on resource optimization, we are balancing tradition with eco-innovation and sinuous design.

Embedded in the CHANTY DNA is a high-quality standard “Made in Germany”, combined with an honest regard for nature and respect for our environment. Focusing on sustainable lace creation with conscious resource usage.

We at CHANTY value all partnerships, both as individuals and as a company. All employees uphold the standards of fair, responsible and ethical work and behavior. We also hold our supply chain to the same standards and ensure ethics and integrity is always being kept in mind.

Thank you for supporting us and doing the right things. Only by working together can we continue to provide our exceptionally products.

See CHANTY Policy for Compliance & Ethical Business