What is NAIA™️?

Stunning Fashion made with sustainably sourced & organic materials
Naia™️ cellulosic yarn developed by @eastman_naia & @chanty.lace in 2016.
This sustainable, yet sexy and comfortable material also offers a special softness and comfort.

There’s a time for cocooning, And there’s a time for being a social butterfly. Happily, both are time for Naia™ cellulosic yarn. With inherent quick-drying and cool-to-touch properties, fabrics made with Naia™ cellulosic yarn keep your skin feeling cool and dry. Due to the hypoallergenic nature of the fiber, fabrics made of Naia™ are skin friendly, ensuring comfort for even the most sensitive skin.

Extremely smooth to the touch, Naia™ helps create fabrics that glide lightly over your skin and drape elegantly to create alluring silhouettes.

Garments made of Naia™ are incredibly easy to care for; they can be laundered at home and have effective odor management and pilling resistance. Even traditionally tough stains—such as red wine and coffee—can be easily removed. As a result, your collection is not only aesthetically beautiful but also practical for everyday life.

Naia™️ is a low impact, sustainable cellulosic yarn which is OEKO-TEX 100®️ certified. Our lace made with Naia™️ delivers inherent softness, a cool touch, and effortless elegance.

Source: https://naia.eastman.com/naia-filament-yarn