It was back in 1957 when Chanty GmbH was established in the south of Frankfurt. Loyal to its region and proud to offer Made in Germany quality, Chanty produces exclusively at its Rödermark site, in accordance with the environmental standards set by one of Germany’s most environmentally-conscious regions. A high performance fleet of Karl Mayer machines enables it to produce Textronic and Jacquardtronic lace in widths ranging from 1 to 140 cm. Now employing around a hundred people, the company boasts a number of top lingerie brands as clients.


Collection highlight: two-way stretch lace is available in a range of ‘homewear’ lace 

New for 2018: an “Athleisure” line of ‘active’ and elastic geometric laces, ideal for tops or leggings 

Key point this season: strong colours, aubergine, peacock blue, lime and official blue. 


Three strong themes for Chanty and one very elaborate theme for Corvett Spitzen translate winter’s key trends: raised work, comfort and colour take precedence this season, as lace moves into all market segments, from ready-to-wear to homewear, from lingerie to sportswear.

Fantasy: between dreams and reality, this colorful theme gives the season new depth. 

Both joyful and explosive, this line of resolutely modern lace uses contrasting and sophisticated effects to surprise and seduce. Two-colour lace, with tone-on-tone motifs, creates a very refined aesthetic. Lace that seems like an invitation to dream, as if to escape the worries of everyday life. 

With a hand-made feel, single or contrasting two-tone laces look to florals and graphics for inspiration. For a festive touch, they have been brightened up in exotic shades of papaya and lime, or deeper colours like official blue.

Comfort Zone: a Zen attitude for a theme that inspires calm and relaxation.

The atmosphere is calm and cosy. Delicate shades of smoky pink and iceberg blue colour discretely traced flowers. These laces are like a soft music which fills the room with its delicate notes. Gently curving graphic motifs are an invitation for calm and relaxation. When it’s time to take a break and unwind in a world that moves too quickly, comfort is all-important. A special allover lace and the technical qualities of two-way stretch lace are particularly well suited to homewear, yogawear and loungewear.

Enigma: selected extracts from an Agatha Christie novel.

A powerful theme, imbued with mystery and nostalgia, reminiscent of the 1930s and the refinement of the legendary Orient Express. As if lifted from the pages of a work by Agatha Christie, highly expressive lace makes the most of elaborate motifs, the interaction between raised and openwork, rich and precious colours: aubergine, peacock blue and flamingo pink. Chanty has created an enchanting theme, with a retro style, underlined by wonderfully elegant cotton lace.

Indie Woman: a dynamic, independent and urban woman

For this urban brand, designed for elegant and confident woman, Chanty has delved into the fabulous Corvett archives.

Indie Woman is a particularly rich theme: thanks to colour combinations of brick and urban grey, softened by a shell pink; thread work with very substantial lace, making bold use of opaque effects and dull and shiny contrasts; as well as impressive raised motifs. A timeless yet contemporary theme.


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